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The carers definitely deserve a round of applause!
Clap for carers!
2d Diva (@diva)
I really hope so !
4d Diva (@diva)
So the UK lockdown is official...They better listen!
Will they listen?
5d Diva (@diva)
We're in lockdown
5d Diva (@diva)
Restrictions in place
5d Diva (@diva)
Yes, and also for NHS (National Health Service) staff
1w Diva (@diva)
Glad to hear they have seniors-only shopping hours
Silver shoppers' hour
1w Diva (@diva)
Queues outside supermarkets
1w Diva (@diva)
More restrictions announced
1w Diva (@diva)
The economic consequences will be huge, won't they?
2w Diva (@diva)
Starting Monday I will join the ranks of those working from home