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No worries! Glad to see you back on here! I hope you're having a good !
Sorry I've been away from here. A case of being on too many social media platforms and the impending Christmas. Happy all
Same to you!
Hello All! Happy
7w ago by Diva (@diva)
But the traffic troubles - ugh!
8w ago by Diva (@diva)
Your sounds AMAZING! Happy birthday!
8w ago by Diva (@diva)
Today, after fighting awful traffic for over 5 hours, we finally made it home. I am exhausted.
Had quite an eventful : Thanksgiving, birthday, and a visit to good friends
I am having a lovely , !
8w ago by Diva (@diva)
Hi ! Happy to you. Hope yours is going well
Thank goodness it's the !
8w ago by Diva (@diva)
I hope everyone is well. Happy !
8w ago by Diva (@diva)
I also got to see the movie Parasite. Good movie. It really was a nice
That's interesting to hear about your listening to distant radio stations. Something in the past I used to spend many an interesting hour doing. Is this short wave or the standard Medium Wave AM broadcast band?
Sounds like a really nice ,
9w ago by Diva (@diva)