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Back at it
3d Diva (@diva)
Another Monday to endure
6d Diva (@diva)
Two tough weeks
1w Diva (@diva)
This has been one of the toughest weeks of my career
2w Diva (@diva)
Hoping we have our long overdue discussion on BLM today
2w Diva (@diva)
No work today
6w Diva (@diva)
Way forward approved
6w Diva (@diva)
A very Monday Monday
7w Diva (@diva)
*Sigh* I hear ya...
Colleagues are annoying
10w Diva (@diva)
Another crazy day
11w Diva (@diva)
So many annoyances
12w Diva (@diva)
Let's hope not!
Another crazy week?
12w Diva (@diva)
I can imagine you must be so glad it's over!