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Here we go again
2w Diva (@diva)
Why are you like this?
8w Diva (@diva)
Working from home
17w Diva (@diva)
I need to get up and get out of my cosy bed! But it's and I don't want to!
26w Diva (@diva)
Sorry to hear you had a stressful day at work. Hopefully tomorrow is better!
... . I got rather annoyed at one point today as one boss was giving me a sixth task to complete with five previous tasks only partially completed. A sure way to make mistakes!
Oh no that was not a good , with one lovely exception. It always seems to be operation overload at our workplace of a ...
But I did manage to meet up with an old friend for a cup of tea!
27w Diva (@diva)
... and another colleague included the wrong stats in an important report. are EVIL,
27w Diva (@diva)
My (work) has been TERRIBLE, ! A colleague has just realised that she booked the wrong date for our Christmas party...
27w Diva (@diva)
Happy to you!
So, that was . Hope everyone's had a fabulous day. It's been a busy day today, as Monday's often are. How's your day been?
Happy !
27w Diva (@diva)