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And to bed, as it's 00:47 here in the UK.
1d ago by Jeff W. (@jeffersonhere) · pin · save
Bed, bed, where are you? Oh there you are, why you hiding there? Bed says nothing, why you may wonder. Did you not know? Beds can't talk, you'll end up as silly as me if you're not careful.
2w ago by Jeff W. (@jeffersonhere) · pin · save
Eh...kinda stressful day but I had an enjoyable lunch with a colleague and now I'm kicking back because it's Friday! !
2w ago by Brenda S. (@burendasan) · pin · save
00:55 GMT and I should be asleep. A case of snoozing in my chair instead of going to bed makes me late. world
2w ago by Jeff W. (@jeffersonhere) · pin · save