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Merry DubFi friends!
Thanks, ! The tree is looking GOOD!
28w Diva (@diva)
Have fun putting up the tree!
We're putting up the tree today!
29w Diva (@diva)
They were made for TV/Hallmark films - full of cliches but I loved them!
30w Diva (@diva)
What films did you watch?
And watching films
31w Diva (@diva)
I am writing my cards!
31w Diva (@diva)
Made me realise I better start the dreaded shopping.
Frightening indeed!
32w Diva (@diva)
I just asked Alexa how many sleeps till . Apparently, there's only 31 sleeps to go. Frightening!
The black & white movies do have a certain magic about them. But you try to get the youngsters of today to watch something in black & white, I'm not watching that!
One of my favorite is White Christmas
I prefer the original black & white version