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That's very sensible !
1h ago by Diva (@diva) pin save
Just put a mention of Dubfi on my Twitter feed, together with a screenshot of the site. Hopefully will provoke some more interest and users
2h ago by Jeff W. (@jeffersonhere) pin save
DubFi isn't for profit. High quality code doesn't require lots of resources, so I can manage doing this for a long time.
2h ago by Lucian M. (@lucian) pin save
"Salut lume!"
12h ago by mircea (@mircea) pin save
Goodnight! Stay warm!
21h ago by Brenda S. (@burendasan) pin save
faire de tero facile et rapide
1d ago by pavlin p. (@pavlin) pin save
It's a bad driving conditions day, so I cancelled meetings and I'm working remotely
2d ago by Roger K. (@roger) pin save
Asking is very different than expecting.
2d ago by Pavlo G. (@pablo) pin save
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, I declare it is
3d ago by Jennifer W. (@jjwarren97) pin save
5d ago by Aryan J. (@thefastr) pin save
Hi! This seems a good idea.
5d ago by Pablo (@medesquicias) pin save
5d ago by Matt L. (@matt) pin save
i am using this software alot
6d ago by tim S. (@nifi) pin save
I am entirely uncertain what this is or why I need it, but I love the interface. so tidy.
6d ago by ASSN Snail (@sailorsnail) pin save
Hello, world.
6d ago by Kem (@kem) pin save
what's your revenue model?
6d ago by Andrei G. (@andrei) pin save
In need of motivation to get out of my warm snuggly bed. Lol
6d ago by Nisa G. (@nisa) pin save
Hey dubfi
6d ago by Patrick W. (@patrick) pin save
hey dub!
6d ago by yusuf (@yusuf) pin save
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