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DubFi is rad!
44w Dan K. (@dan)
Should I add photos to Dub-Fi?
Got and I'm thinking about bringing Sublevel back to life.
I open-sourced my macOS apps (Monochrome browser, Bicolor and Multicolor) on GitHub. I hope some people can pick up the development.
The text version of face with medical mask emoji is more like :() or :[] or :{} depending on the shape of the mask.
I'm playing around with VNC for the first time. Hextile encoding and rgb555 color profile seems to give the best frame rate, responsiveness and image quality over 5 GHz Wi-Fi.
If the entire world stays home for one month, we win!
We're living in a Black Mirror episode. I hope it lasts the same, 42 minutes.
Does RadFi sounds better than DubFi? I'm not a native English speaker. I grabbed while it was available.
It's 2020. Occupy your place!
The world will change completely this year. More people working from home from now on. More automation in all industries. More time spent with close people. Less travel, less malls, less mass events, less pollution, less animals killed.
We should be thankful that Coronavirus is just a flu. If it affected people's minds or turn people into zombies then it was the end of the world as we know it.
It's now easier to bring up post options (delete, pin, save) by clicking the time ago and ... from the right side.
The best people are those who accept you the way you are.
It's snowing, finally. It was autumn until yesterday. The weather follows my feelings somehow.
You don't get what you want, you get what you need.
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