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DubFi is rad!
17w ago by Dan K. (@dan)
You don't get what you want, you get what you need.
7h ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
<iframe> needs to be removed entirely from HTML standard.
2d ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Chris Evans wants to make a new Wikipedia because articles are too long and I bet he doesn't know about Simple English version. While Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia founder is creating a new social network that nobody understands (I joined it).
1w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
You realize how amazing Elon Musk is when Sony of all companies makes a concept car.
2w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
DubFi can be installed as an app from Safari on iPhone and Chrome on Android. Add it to home screen. That's it.
4w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Merry Christmas, DubFi!
4w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Sigh, nobody is pinning stuff. Maybe I should rename "pin" button to "like" because it does almost the same thing.
5w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
DubFi gains instant pagination.
6w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
The future changes every second. Everything is possible.
6w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
We have to replace fire with electricity at global scale to stop global warming. We need to stop burning stuff.
7w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
The Journalist was the most popular WordPress theme, even Steven Sinofsky used it. I want to recreate the same success in the social space. I started with Markdawn in 2013, Sublevel from 2014 until 2019 and now DubFi.
8w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Tesla Cybertruck design is wrong, not because is bad, but because there's no electric alternative to it with an impressive spec sheet and starting price. And if it catches on then car design is over.
8w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Smart people like to work with other smart people.
11w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
DubFi was moved from DigitalOcean to Vultr and the app is now even more responsive from 52ms down to 38ms. I remember the days when Sublevel was considered fast around 300ms.
13w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Just discovered MongoEngine, an ODM for MongoDB. I wish I used it for DubFi. I will try it first on NewsFi or other project.
14w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
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