Romania ~ 34 years old

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DubFi is rad!
35w Dan K. (@dan)
You can't open a post, everything stays on the same page here.
Subreply, I'm getting used to the name. And it's up on
The social media site before DubFi. I lunched it in 2014 and closed it down last year.
Experienced the same stress levels. Did the same thing, I took multiple steps back. I let my coworkers handle things their own way. I managed their expectations better this way.
Can you write me an email with the project specifics?
WFH increased the stress for me and everyone in my team. Rad-Fi can be a short name for radio fidelity.
Add it to home screen from Safari on the iPhone or Chrome on Android. DubFi is a PWA (web app).
Yes, Markdawn before Sublevel.
Links and pins are global. Pin, save or delete options are no longer hidden behind the timestamp.
What color is your cat?
Simply magical!
You signed up for DubFi too early in the development process. It happens. :)
Markdawn and Sublevel buckets ( can be seen on Dribbble. Markdawn was a blogging platform, but felt static. Sublevel felt alive, but still complex for some.
DubFi isn't for profit. High quality code doesn't require lots of resources, so I can manage doing this for a long time.
That's the reason why DubFi exists, threaded conversations were hard to use for newcomers.
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