Romania ~ 34 years old

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DubFi is rad!
17w ago by Dan K. (@dan)
Yes, Markdawn before Sublevel.
4w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Links and pins are global. Pin, save or delete options are no longer hidden behind the timestamp.
5w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
What color is your cat?
6w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Simply magical!
6w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
You signed up for DubFi too early in the development process. It happens. :)
7w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Markdawn and Sublevel buckets ( can be seen on Dribbble. Markdawn was a blogging platform, but felt static. Sublevel felt alive, but still complex for some.
8w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
DubFi isn't for profit. High quality code doesn't require lots of resources, so I can manage doing this for a long time.
9w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
That's the reason why DubFi exists, threaded conversations were hard to use for newcomers.
9w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Press (time) ago to save or pin a status. Saves are private while pins are not.
10w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
If you use my referral link you get $50 to test Vultr and I get half.
12w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Django is fantastic, Python 3 is amazing. Read and code at the same time.
14w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Don't go jogging at 3 AM.
16w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Same rationale as having a limited number of characters. I considered Latin-1 but ASCII works everywhere.
17w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
I want to make the web app fully functional before making plans for API and/or open source the code.
17w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Thank you! The UI was the first thing being designed and implemented. Since I got it right everything else seems to fall into place just nicely.
17w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
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