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This Black Mirror ep is too scary
1w Diva (@diva)
I use to be informed about COVID-19.
Resveratrol inhibits Coronavirus infection: bmcinfectdis.biome... is what I'm trying to avoid with DubFi. Can you read that? How fast?
Markdawn and Sublevel buckets ( can be seen on Dribbble. Markdawn was a blogging platform, but felt static. Sublevel felt alive, but still complex for some.
Angular car design (thetruthaboutcars....) can be beautiful to the eye. Cybertruck has no design at all. It's like an eccentric yacht on wheels.
Unidecode ( now takes care of converting Unicode characters to ASCII.
If you use my referral link you get $50 to test Vultr and I get half.
I created light and dark themes for Firefox to match macOS color scheme and design. Install them from using Firefox.
Improved NewsFi at to match DubFi in performance and reliability using Falcon while keep using Django ORM and management command to fetch news.
I would like a MacBook Air with a solid state keyboard with force feedback on each key.