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DubFi is rad!
17w ago by Dan K. (@dan) is what I'm trying to avoid with DubFi. Can you read that? How fast?
7w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Markdawn and Sublevel buckets ( can be seen on Dribbble. Markdawn was a blogging platform, but felt static. Sublevel felt alive, but still complex for some.
8w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Angular car design (thetruthaboutcars....) can be beautiful to the eye. Cybertruck has no design at all. It's like an eccentric yacht on wheels.
8w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Unidecode ( now takes care of converting Unicode characters to ASCII.
10w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
If you use my referral link you get $50 to test Vultr and I get half.
12w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
I created light and dark themes for Firefox to match macOS color scheme and design. Install them from using Firefox.
16w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
Improved NewsFi at to match DubFi in performance and reliability using Falcon while keep using Django ORM and management command to fetch news.
16w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
I would like a MacBook Air with a solid state keyboard with force feedback on each key.
17w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)