Romania ~ 34 years old

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DubFi is rad!
44w Dan K. (@dan)
I think we should switch permanently to Subreply.
Have you tried with diva and the first password you set?
No, you can use the same account from Sublevel. It's all there. I reverted the change, just kept the new design.
Should I add photos to Dub-Fi? is back with old content and accounts, but with the new design. No need for invitations.
You can sign up with the same email. It should work.
The new is invitation only. I marked the emails of last active people on DubFi as invited.
You can't open a post, everything stays on the same page here.
Radio Fidelity is up on with some rad news.
Subreply, I'm getting used to the name. And it's up on
The social media site before DubFi. I lunched it in 2014 and closed it down last year.
Experienced the same stress levels. Did the same thing, I took multiple steps back. I let my coworkers handle things their own way. I managed their expectations better this way.
Got and I'm thinking about bringing Sublevel back to life.
Their finest art.
This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives, jobs and maybe even your mind.
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