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Links and pins are global. Pin, save or delete options are no longer hidden behind the timestamp.
10w ago by Lucian M. (@lucian)
pins are global? /pins shows those statuses pinned by anyone?
10w ago by John (@john_henry)
discoverability, I haven't tried clicking the timestamp until now.
10w ago by John (@john_henry)
10w ago by John (@john_henry)
That was a struggle to get through. They say they're data driven - have they studied what kind of candidates they get with that description?
11w ago by John (@john_henry) has been working on, which is going to be a cool mix between static / dynamic blog engines.
13w ago by John (@john_henry)
I never saw Markdawn, but Sublevel was a special little spot. Nice to see more happening here on DubFi.
13w ago by John (@john_henry)
it's finally really clicking for me, which is really fun. Every new feature I learn (named tuples!) makes we want to go back and rewrite. But forward is the only direction!
17w ago by John (@john_henry)
Still learning Django, and making great progress. Reading Fluent Python now and I'm blown away by some of the stuff that I hadn't seen yet.
18w ago by John (@john_henry)
I’m here!
24w ago by John (@john_henry)