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Links and pins are global. Pin, save or delete options are no longer hidden behind the timestamp.
sure, but it's really free form and early at the moment.
Lucian, are you doing any freelancing? I might need a designer for a couple tiny aspects of brainstorming/prototyping a project.
Hi! Thought I should come see if anything is up here!
pins are global? /pins shows those statuses pinned by anyone?
discoverability, I haven't tried clicking the timestamp until now.
That was a struggle to get through. They say they're data driven - have they studied what kind of candidates they get with that description? has been working on, which is going to be a cool mix between static / dynamic blog engines.
I never saw Markdawn, but Sublevel was a special little spot. Nice to see more happening here on DubFi.
it's finally really clicking for me, which is really fun. Every new feature I learn (named tuples!) makes we want to go back and rewrite. But forward is the only direction!
Still learning Django, and making great progress. Reading Fluent Python now and I'm blown away by some of the stuff that I hadn't seen yet.
I’m here!