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So I'm only able to post once before getting an message - guess I should make the most of it - Happy Wednesday Friends!
Just stopping by to say hello - I forget about this site, even though I like it. Is there an app for this?
I made it Only 2 more days until Christmas Break
I am certainly jealous...that sounds incredible!
What am I up to? Surviving the day on very little sleep.
Getting my students in the holiday spirit by introducing them to the musical | What is one of your favorite movies and why?
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, I declare it is
Hmmmm...lunch for me is usually 'leftovers' which aren't very exciting - Today will be chicken supremes.
Wondering where on earth the weekend went?
One of my favorite is White Christmas
I prefer the original black & white version
Good Morning & Hello Saturday! Good to see you.