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Morning world! Another wet and cold day, but we're happy because it's Friday. Enjoy your day
Just put a mention of Dubfi on my Twitter feed, together with a screenshot of the site. Hopefully will provoke some more interest and users
Morning world! Is it Wednesday already? Another chilly start in the UK. Brrr...
Last film I saw at the cinema was Avengers: End Game with the nephew - very action packed. Last film on DVD was Stan & Ollie, all about Laurel & Hardy - rather sad in places
Goodnight world. Zzzzz. Back tomoz
Anyone worked out what 'pins' and 'saves' does, and how you use them?
Wish you could use the apostrophe here. Most useful punctuation symbol there is!
Listening to the glorious rain falling on the conservatory roof above. This is our 473rd rain shower in the last 20 days, yes I have been keeping count (NOT!)
Goodnight from the UK! It is Midnight. At this point I would normally put an emoji of a clock pointing to midnight. Nite, nite
Im sure I read includes likes, but doesnt tell how many, but thinking about that now are you gonna know you got likes if you dont know how many. Definitely work in progress
Never heard of that one. I found this on the ProductHunt app, often find a few hidden gems on there
Hi burendasan good to see you out there. I believe there are likes but I havent worked out how you give them, yet
Friday morning and the weekend is almost with us and so is that dreaded rain. Will it ever stop!