United Kingdom ~ 61 years old

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I'm surprised the train journey from London to only takes an hour and 20 minutes. I had it in my mind it would be a lot longer
Hi . along to DubFi
Hi ! Happy to you. Hope yours is going well
Oh dear, sorry to hear that. Life would be so much easier without the work frustrations, especially on a
Unfortunately, the days of the AM pirates are a thing of the past, a very exciting era. Nighttime or times of unusual weather are certainly the best to receive the distant stations
Good afternoon and a happy . I guess you've got about 3 hours of that drive to go and a well earned rest
Hello hope you've had a pleasant
I never saw or experienced Markdawn or Sublevel, don't quite understand how passed me by. Most impressed with DubFi, just goes to prove you don't need photos, emojis, or even an app to make a useable platform. Great stuff!
Medium Wave used to be a fascinating band to explore. I often used to scan looking for the unusual and unexpected, which was a common occurrence in the days of offshore pirate stations here in the UK
Oh no that was not a good , with one lovely exception. It always seems to be operation overload at our workplace of a ...
Happy to you!
That's interesting to hear about your listening to distant radio stations. Something in the past I used to spend many an interesting hour doing. Is this short wave or the standard Medium Wave AM broadcast band?
Made me realise I better start the dreaded shopping.
A nice relaxing day, doing not too much. Just now a should be
Good morning! Enjoy your
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