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Three back-to-back meetings. Thankfully a 5-min break was provided in the 3rd meeting!
Gave feedback on my boss to the department head. Tried to be respectful. I hope it doesn't bite me in the a$$
Today I tried to take a step back and not feel like I had to contribute to everything. Felt much better
I will not let these work issue stress me. I just need to stop trying to contribute anything of worth since she knocks down anything I suggest
Being pressured to taken on more work in the most passive-aggressive way
These last two days at work have been so stressful. Issues with my boss
Was finally able to get a refund for my flight to Japan, which would have been on April 2nd
Why am I procrastinating at work so much right now? :-/
Looks like there's a waiting list for
For NYE, my husband and I are going to our friends' house. Their NYE tradition is to watch Office Space
It's New Year's Eve! What will you be doing to celebrate?
Had a big lunch and now I'm feeling sleepy...
Is saying "sucked" too '90s now?
Went into work only for a half day and it still sucked
Day off today...get to hang out with my cat
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