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Was finally able to get a refund for my flight to Japan, which would have been on April 2nd
Why am I procrastinating at work so much right now? :-/
Looks like there's a waiting list for
For NYE, my husband and I are going to our friends' house. Their NYE tradition is to watch Office Space
It's New Year's Eve! What will you be doing to celebrate?
Had a big lunch and now I'm feeling sleepy...
Is saying "sucked" too '90s now?
Went into work only for a half day and it still sucked
Day off today...get to hang out with my cat
2-hour meeting at work today :-P
Turns out you can also delete your posts by clicking on [time] ago. Yay!
I don't work for Quire nor am I being paid to advertise for them but their task management system has been a game changer/life saver at work. Its clean, minimalist aesthetic is a lot like Dubfi's.
I hate feeling guilty asking for vacation days. :-(
I KNEW you looked familiar, !! (Was anyone on there? Did those accounts carry over to dubfi?)
Oh wow...doesn't look to be any "likes" on here! Also looks like the only way to reply is through mentions?
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