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The carers definitely deserve a round of applause!
So the UK lockdown is official...They better listen!
Thanks! I hope you enjoy your too!
Glad to hear they have seniors-only shopping hours
I wish this was a 42 minute episode!
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels more stress -
It's almost the ! Not like I'm going anywhere but the stress of work is still the same, even when WFH
Me too!
A spate of coming up for me in the next two days!
A lot of things to figure out and adjust to
Survived my first day - Wasn't easy staying on task but overall it went well
TBH I'm a bit apprehensive about . I hope I will be able to stay on task.
Starting Monday I will join the ranks of those working from home
I agree. I just hope that the economic consequences aren't too dire...
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