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Gave feedback on my boss to the department head. Tried to be respectful. I hope it doesn't bite me in the a$$
Awesome! Can't wait to check it out!
Yes! Please bring back!
Today I tried to take a step back and not feel like I had to contribute to everything. Felt much better
I realize that this situation has been making things more stressful so I need to take it easy on myself
I will not let these work issue stress me. I just need to stop trying to contribute anything of worth since she knocks down anything I suggest
Being pressured to taken on more work in the most passive-aggressive way
These last two days at work have been so stressful. Issues with my boss
Enjoy those :-)
I am so sorry for your loss
Oh no! What happened!?
*Sigh* I hear ya...
Also: glad to be stocked up on food
It was interesting but good with staying at home for another while
@ diva Yum!
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