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Yay! Almost the !
Sounds like things are super-stressful at the lately. I hope you will be able to take a vacation soon
Going forward, I think Brendan is going to try to schedule s when most people aren't working--at least I hope so
Sorry you missed the - I signed on and ended up participating because it seemed like everyone else was just listening in. It was mostly Brendan sharing his thoughts but nothing was discussed in depth.
I know my boss told us to take it easy this week since next week will be crazy, but damn, I'm on my way to abusing it
I hope you can make it to the meeting. Like you, I will probably just listen in
Oh no...!
Now that I take closer look, besides you and me, it's just jjwarren97 and jeffersonhere. Don't think they're on Subreply though
Not again! :-(
Not again...!!
Jeff is indeed on here. I thought perhaps the people who are also on Dubfi would sign on here when Peach was down today
I hope the meeting went well!
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