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Looks like there's a waiting list for is a new social network created by Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia. Thanks for alerting me to this !
Hi and welcome !
For NYE, my husband and I are going to our friends' house. Their NYE tradition is to watch Office Space
It's New Year's Eve! What will you be doing to celebrate?
Merry DubFi friends!
Adding to home screen makes it so easy to access DubFi
Merry Christmas !
Had a big lunch and now I'm feeling sleepy...
Happy ! Time for a champagne toast! ;-)
Hang in there! You can do it!
Sounds yummy!
I will say though that I like how you can view a list of all posts that are currently pinned
You can only pin one post at a time on here. Usually, a "like" can be given to multiple posts. So they seem to be different.
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